Home Brew Beer in One Easy Step

Home brewing can be a rather arduous task at times, a very time-consuming endeavor that sometimes struggles to satisfy the home brewer with that ideal beer or wine. Okay, let those stressful encounters be exiled because home brewing is a simpler way. Have a look at home brew kit for more info on this.

The Road to Home Brew

Some kits come with complex directions that don’t always deliver perfect results, but in a few simple steps, there is an easier way to brew beer at home. No need to prim the beer or any phase of secondary fermentation, no need for lengthy explanation or continuous racking routine. It’s as simple as placing a cap on a bottle and making you get the hard work finished. Here’s how they managed it:

— The Home Brewing Cap (* see details at the bottom of this article), some malt extract paste, sugar and water, some brewer’s yeast and an empty fizzy bottle of beverages.

Step 1) Apply around 2 liters of water to 125 grams of granulated sugar and 200 ml of malt extract syrup and bring to boil. Occasionally Stirring.

Step 2) Let it cool to room temperature, then put in a new, empty bottle of fizzy drinks.

Stage 3) Next apply a pinch of the brewers’ yeast and top up with a Home Brewing Cap.

This is it! You just keep this bottle out of the direct sunlight for 2-5 days in a warm , safe location and your great tasting beer is ready to drink and enjoy.

This approach lacks the needless ‘Priming’ stage to produce carbonation, as the carbonation happens from the very beginning of the fermentation process. This is possible because there is a pressure valve in the home brewing cap which allows the right amount of pressure to be removed from the container to avoid bottle explosions but also allows the bottled drink to stay fizzy. It also acts as a shield against pathogens and avoids entry of other toxins into the water.